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                “海納百川”,我們執著,秉承誠信服務、客戶至上的追求,竭誠為客戶提供高效優質的空間平臺設計服務,最終實現合作共贏; “有容乃大”,我們堅信,憑借全體同仁不懈努力、精益求精、追求完美的精神,盤古定會做得更好、更強、更大!

          The design of Guangzhou city was established in 2010, the main decorative design in enterprise projects supporting professional services, is a company based in Guangdong, radiation throughout the country, the constant pursuit of modern professional design and decoration industry promotion effect, expand the high-end market. The project covers offices, hotel apartments, Traders Hotel, shopping centres and real estate housing. The design has always been adhering to the "integrity, dedication, service" purposes, through professional team strength, creativity and ideas with designers, maximize the potential value of space, let according to customer needs with our perfect design. The design in the industry advocate the entire design of the service mode, and interior design as the core, the integration of architectural planning and design, mechanical and electrical, intelligent design, landscape design, art display design, entrepreneurship training and guidance, industrial capital and financial capital docking services, through comprehensive professional ability to provide the best solution for customers of ecological design. At the same time, through the integration of relevant areas of experts composed of Pangu consultant team, according to different characteristics and needs of the project to provide project consulting and planning services. "All rivers run into the sea", we are persistent, adhering to the "good faith service, customer first" pursuit, and dedication to provide customers with efficient and high-quality space platform design services, and ultimately achieve win-win cooperation; Have the capacity, we firmly believe that with all my colleagues to make unremitting efforts to strive for excellence, the pursuit of the perfect spirit, Pangu will do better, stronger, bigger!

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